Month: January 2011

Music Monday: Sleep Steady – My Walk, Man

Based out of Seattle, WA, Sleep Steady is comprised of emcee “Perry Porter” (Everett, WA), emcee/producer CARLisDEAD (Fairfield, CA), and guitarist Zach Mattes (Graham, WA). I got their new video in my inbox and was blown away! Check them out on their Tumbler and be sure to stop by and check out the rest of their music! Read more →

Variety Of Sound Updates: BootEQmkII, DensitymkII, FerricTDS & NastyVCS

Variety Of Sound has recently updated a few of their amazing VST plug-ins! The bug fix releases are available for: BootEQ mkII 2.1.1 Density mkII 2.0.3 FerricTDS 1.5.1 NastyVCS 1.0.1 This are Win32 releases only (SSE2 or higher) and are bug fix releases which addresses the following issues: Fix: crashing and hanging when opening multiple instances of the same plugin… Read more →

More music sold in 2010 than ever before!

Piracy? What piracy? In 2010 more music was sold than ever before-DESPITE PIRACY! In 2010 the BPI reports that there were 281.7 million units sold, which is an all-time record. Never in the history of recorded music have so many pieces of music been sold, but you wont hear the music industry shouting about that. In fact, the music industry is… Read more →

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