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The Marriott Report On…Sample Snitching

What Kind Of Fuckery Is This

Thanks to DJ Joey Joe I was alerted to this post by Kno of the legendary indie hip hop group  CunninLynguists. Basically kno is letting it be known that if anymore legal action is taken against him for the obscure samples he uses to create his music that he’s going to retire from hip hop music.

These problems are brought on by sample snitches, the lowest form of sample hunter. The reason I frown upon these so called crate diggers is because they do not follow or at least respect hip hop culture enough to not rat out producers when they post where the samples originate from.

Growing up in in New York City it was a commonly known rule amongst DJs and producers not to reveal each other samples. For some reason this appears to be lost upon the johnny come lately backpacking/hipster douche bags who don’t follow this code for the sake of what they think is a good look. Well guess what asshole, it’s not. In fact you’re fucking up big time by your constant betrayal of both hip hop and sample hunting culture when you reveal these samples on message boards, blogs and YouTube like gossiping little girls. It gets your favorite producers in trouble and you end up looking like the bitchmade punks you are.

Cut that shit yo!


Music Monday: Sleep Steady – My Walk, Man

Sleep Steady

Based out of Seattle, WA, Sleep Steady is comprised of emcee “Perry Porter” (Everett, WA), emcee/producer CARLisDEAD (Fairfield, CA), and guitarist Zach Mattes (Graham, WA). I got their new video in my inbox and was blown away! Check them out on their Tumbler and be sure to stop by and check out the rest of their music!


Variety Of Sound Updates: BootEQmkII, DensitymkII, FerricTDS & NastyVCS

Density MkII

Variety Of Sound has recently updated a few of their amazing VST plug-ins!

The bug fix releases are available for:

  • BootEQ mkII 2.1.1
  • Density mkII 2.0.3
  • FerricTDS 1.5.1
  • NastyVCS 1.0.1

This are Win32 releases only (SSE2 or higher) and are bug fix releases which addresses the following issues:

  • Fix: crashing and hanging when opening multiple instances of the same plugin in Cubase and some other hosts
  • Fix: problem with plugin GUI not initializing correctly in Samplitude and some other hosts
  • Minor fix: consistent VST vendor name tag and release version number (in credits pop-up)  added/changed for all plug-ins

If you are not affected by this issues there is no need to download and install them. The individual plug-ins can be downloaded as singles via the Downloads page.

These are some of the best freeware VST‘s available and even puts a lot of commercial software to shame!



More music sold in 2010 than ever before!


Piracy? What piracy? In 2010 more music was sold than ever before-DESPITE PIRACY!

In 2010 the BPI reports that there were 281.7 million units sold, which is an all-time record. Never in the history of recorded music have so many pieces of music been sold, but you wont hear the music industry shouting about that. In fact, the music industry is selling more music year after year and today’s figure is up 27% compared to the 221.6 million copies sold in 2006.

But, instead of praising the increasing consumer demand for music, the industry cuts up the numbers and prefers to focus on the evil enemy called piracy. By doing so they spin their message in a way that makes it appear that piracy is cannibalizing music sales. But is it?

In their press release the BPI points out that album sales overall were down by 7%. Although digital album sales were up 30.6%, physical CDs were down by 12.4%. If we believe the music industry, this drop in sales of physical CDs can be solely attributed to piracy. This is an interesting conclusion, because one would expect that piracy would mostly have an effect on digital sales.

We have a different theory.

Could it be that album sales have been declining over recent years because people now have the ability to buy single tracks? If someone likes three tracks from an album he or she no longer has to buy the full album, something that was unimaginable 10 years ago.

This theory would also fit the sales patterns of the last few years, where album sales are down year after year while the number of individual tracks sold is increasing rapidly. In 2010 the UK music industry sold 161.8 million singles (digital and physical) compared to 66.9 million in 2006. Where does piracy fit in here?

Could it possibly be that piracy is only affecting album sales and not single sales? Would that make sense?

So long story short: music is still being sold. There is still money to be earned & amazing albums to be recorded! The world belongs to those who hustle, so go out there and make your mark! Take advantage of the Internet and put in work!



The Marriott Report On…The Music Buying Experience

You know I was just thinking about a radio interview I did with a radio station yesterday promoting my new single “The Champ is Here” featuring Worst Case Scenario and Stop The Gimmicks and one of the questions that stuck with me was about my views on hip hop culture of yesteryear vs hip hop culture of now. Here’s my brief summery;


Human Interaction: Back in the days in NYC, the iron horse (subway for you laymen) was an integral part of my record shopping experience. Every weekend myself, DJ Dae One and DJ J. Speed would go to I&L records on Flatbush Avenue and then travel down Church avenue stopping in multiple record stores along the way, then hit Utica avenue to hit up a few spots until we got to Eastern Parkway and then jump on the IRT to the City (Manahattan) and head on over to Rock and Soul on 7th Ave between 34th & 35th and then over to Times Square to the Music Factory and then double back to Downtown records on 28th street and further down into the Village to a few spots on Bleeker street including the iconic Bleeker Bob’s and then we’d head over to Queens to hit up Music Factory on Jamaica Avenue and VP Records and a few spots on Guy R. Brewer which back then was known as New York Blvd.

The thing here was we not only had a relationship with the records we’ purchase but we had a face to face rapport with our vendors as DJs. But DJs weren’t the only ones privy to this very special experience. The record store was also a very cool spot to meet chicks who loved music just as much as you. You also made friends in the record store because someone could know the name of the record you heard at a block party, park jam or on the radio.


Soulless corporate owned music department outlets. Uniformed guy or girl who’s bitter about their so called fugged up life and pissed off they have to wear a stupid looking logo and engage their customers with the ultra phony “Hi, how you’re doing?” or “How’s it going?”.

But there is another disconnect about this experience that does not feel right about buying music in stores like this. They are sterile in such a clinical way that these stores have no true personality. Thus making the purchase uncomfortable and awkward. But wait what about the internet?

Now let’s get into iTunes for a second. First off iTunes sucks moose c ock! Yeah I said it and if you’re looking at your iPhone or iPod you’re probably saying to yourself, Fugg you Pete Marriott and that’s a natural response because I just told you a simple truth you know. Think about it for a sec, it’s the most restrictive file format and it’s a rather annoying purchasing experience.

But the iPhone and iPod is pretty and what’s pretty is automatically deemed as cool especially when Appholes (my coined phrased for overzealous Apple fanatics) are the Tea Party of digital technology. But there is another reason why I strongly dislike iTunes. It’s elitist and that in it’s self takes the true joy out of music purchasing experience.

Human beings in the digital age are not only physically lazy but mentally lazy in the sense of how we listen to music today. I don’t have to search for music anymore, it comes to me via my Facebook, Twitter feeds and when Hypemachine goes public, god forbid the chaos that will ensue.

The Major Label side of the music industry is trying to save themselves every damn day as more and more shareholders are dumping their stock into these corporations. The marketing companies who’s jobs are to sell you shit that you actually don’t need now have a solid Kung-Fu Death grip on all things hip hop music, so what are we to do?

Do we all run through the streets butt naked screaming the sky is falling or do we make a convergence and empower ourselves and increase the value of our music by creating a new system within that will not only create sustainability but a platform that balances the war between the localization and globalization of hip hop music?

Hack your 3rd Eye first then Hack the business of Hip Hop culture. People who follow the current trends are destined to fail and fall hard, why? Because without truly knowing the rudiments you can’t lead the path to the results you seek.


Music Monday: Pete Marriott featuring Worst Case Scenario & Stop The Gimmicks “The Champ is Here”

The Champ Is Here Pete Marriott

DJ Pete Marriott stays working! Here is a new song from him featuring Worst Case Scenario & Stop The Gimmicks!

Pete Marriott – The Champ Is Here by djpetemarriott


Comic: These Skills Are Not Ajacent


Found a great new comic blog that is based on music and the music industry! Enjoy!



IllProducer Dusty Analog Drum Kit

Dusty Analog

This is a nice acoustic kit made by Noble over at

“Aight, this was originally a kit I made for myself, its samples that I got my hands on recorded from a Ludwig kit, they were clean when I got them so I added a little dirt to them, some lite saturation and tube warmth, I haven’t compressed them or done much EQ so you can still mould them, its perfect if you want a gritty sound. Its not a large kit but all the sounds are good.”

Dusty Analog Drum Kit

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