Allow me to re-introduce myself…

Hi, I’m Obi. Yes my mother calls me that too.
I’m artsy with audio. Thats the best way to describe my love with music and everything related to it…

If you haven’t noticed the posts here have been kind of sporadic. Some are cool pictures, some downloads, some videos and some are IK’s cool releases. I haven’t really had much time to take and write full articles for this site as I’ve been doing a TON of work for other people lately. Instead of writing articles on how to make your drums sound kick/knock/punch/whatever, how to track out a beat, EQ Charts &  how to step up the quality in your music– I’m going to share my musical journey instead.

Instead of writing a how to I’m going to show you how to with my video. With my projects. With my music.

This is my journey and 2012 will start to introduce you to me and my music.


Lets start with some updates on what I’m doing…


I work for IK Multimedia. We make awesome tools for ANYONE wanting to make music. Especially if you have an iOS device.

My sister and I also started our own media company this year with 2 clients. ObiAudio & CaraMia Artistry.
She does make up like I do music. So yeah, she is pretty good.
I do the music, videos, web design and social media for these.
We have some big plans for 2012 for both of these companies.

I have also been working on my own music and plan on releasing at least 2 projects in the first quarter of 2012.
1 – Guitar EP (Cause I get down like that)
2 – Beat tape (Maybe 2, maybe more cause I really do have that much in the vault just chillin.)

Then in March I’ll be moving to Austin, Texas for a month where I will be attending SXSW. I am going to try and work on more music with other up and coming artists I respect.


I’m saying this to keep myself accountable and make sure they get done. From here on I’ll just be sharing my journey in text, video and music….





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