Alternatives to USB Mics

Now I am just gonna say this once….I HATE USB MICS!!! I can understand why some people would buy them buy PLEASE do not buy them for studio work! Here is a simple Pros and Cons list…

Pro – Easy to use
Con – You can never use more mics at the same time. EVER.
Pro – Pretty cheap usually.
Con – Pretty cheap SOUNDING usually.
Con – You dont have many options for mics.
Con – Cheap conversion. (Bad sound)
Pro – Uhhh you get the idea….

Here are a few XLR (Mic input) to usb interfaces. These are the best you can get on a budget. Get a cheap decent mic and one of these and you’ll be good to go with great selection and the option to use that mic later on in a bigger setup! Don’t get caught up in the “simple way” in this case this “simple way” is a dead end!

Here are a few options for alternatives:

Blue Icicle

Shure X2U

MXL Mic Mate

Paired with….

Audio Technica AT2020 (We did a review here)

Cad M179

Kel Audio HM7U

or any of the mics from Michael Jolly with OktavaMod!

Any of these are a better set up than what any body offers you in the all in one style crap they are selling now!

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