Author: Corey Scott

The Modern Newbie Files: Recording Software

There are a few of very popular recording software. The most popular ones being ProTools, Logic, Sonar, Cubase, Acid Pro, and Reaper. The best way to pick a recording software is just too look at the features you need. Like Mac or PC, plug-in format, track count, audio interface options, routing features, and price. For Mac you pretty much can… Read more →

The Modern Newbie Files: Computer Recording

There are two types of recording. Analog and Digital. Since this is the Modern newbie files we will only be talking about digital recording on computers even though there are digital recording consoles out there that doesn’t require a computer. Now the most important thing in computer recording is the sound card. It is what determines how well your computer… Read more →

The Modern Newbie Files: Intro

There are a few very important things that every newbie should know before starting to record, produce, or make beats.   All software is the same sound quality. ProTools doesn’t sound better than Acid Pro. Expensive mics are not the most important thing in get high quality recordings.  You do not need tons of expensive software instruments to have a… Read more →