Black Lion Audio Auteur Review



When I heard Black Lion Audio was going to release a preamp I knew it would be something special. These guys have been modding stock gear to sound glorious for a while now. On top of that they have made quite a reputation with their own line of converters and clocks. Well then I heard it would be 2 channels for under 500 I was really excited! This is sounding very promising for being under 500. 2 Channels,

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  • 29 at Jan // Reply

    A very informative review. Can you tell me how would you go about recording from the Auteur into a computer Daw like logic? Is it possible or would it need to be recorded to something else first.

    – kevin

    • You can record into any DAW including Logic. The Auteur has 1/4″ outputs. You would use a 1/4″ cable and connect that to your audio interface.

      You can use other things in conjunction with the Auteur but technically that is all you need. :)

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