Cake…I love it!

Playing live? Recording a beat? One musician to another…

Okay so I thought I would give some advice on playing live. I went to a show and it seemed like the Opening band was just trying to show off. The drummer kept doing crazy fills that didn’t seem to match. It really bugged me. SO I thought I should start a weekly blog because knowledge is something I am always seeking. So I thought I would share my experiences and knowledge with the wonderful world of! Now this can go for both live musicians and the infamous Pro-Du-Sahs.

Okay, Lets start with my infamous cake. Ha. Now I know, I know, just bear with me. It’ll makes sense in a minute. Have you ever had cake with too much frosting? I hate cake like that because its too sweet and I usually never finish it. Then there is the cake with out any frosting. It just tastes bland and dry. I never eat that cake cause I like frosting! Well music is like that. When your making a beat you never want to over do anything cause it’ll make it too sweet. Too much frosting. Too may fills or trying to show off always distract the audience. Also in the same manner, The same song without drums sounds boring. You have to find a happy medium. So sorry drummer man but that crazy fill doesn’t fit when the singer is trying to sing the verse! WE CAN’T HEAR THE SINGER!!!

Your in a band. Your not the band. The only time you can get away with it is if you have a solo. Or your famous and the band is you. I.E. – Steve Vai, Carlos Santana and such. But even they know how to mesh with the band. If your a musician in a band do whatever you can to make the BAND sound better, not yourself. Most of the time if your do that it just make everyone including yourself sound worse.

Now on to the MPC pad bangers or the FL Studio mouse clickers. IF your making a beat. Make sure you follow the same principle. I hear beats that rappers love. I hear beats I think are amazing but rappers would never touch. Next time you get a chance listen to a bunch of instrumentals for your favorite songs. Or even better yet listen to a bunch of instrumentals from the radio. Now I myself HATE the radio. I never listen to it cause it can influence your style, But I’ll save that for another post.

Most of the time these beats are so simple when you listen to them its boring. Sounds empty and unfinished. Well all it is is a beat! It’s not a song. So of course its boring. So when your making a beat leave enough space for the emcee. With out them its not finished, but without you the song isn’t complete either. Just remember KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid. I swear and live by this.

Now I wanna say this now for future reference. I’m just a normal Joe Schmo. I’m not a professional. I don’t make that much money doing this, But I do have tons of experience. You may not like my beats or my music but take everything I say with a grain of salt. I’m not perfect and am merely a artist trying to make my way. So you may not like my music, blog, pictures whatever. Just don’t read or listen to it. I’m always open to critique but not criticism. Just saying.

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