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Our very own How To series covering recording, production and song writing techniques!

7 Tips For Writing Better Lyrics

Writng can be really hard for people, I know I struggle with it but with these 7 tips from you can get started right… Keep a hook book Start with a strong title Sketch out a concept Do your research Do word associations Re-write Make it a game Seems simple enough right? Then take action! Write everyday regardless if… Read more →

What is a MIDI controller & why do I need one to make music?

Ran across Starr Ackermans new blog and saw this article. Starr goes pretty hard in the industry so you’d be foolish to sleep on her articles and blog… A MIDI Controller is essential if you are making music with your computer. It’s hardware…you’ll use it to control your virtual instruments and sequence your music. The main reason you would use a midi… Read more →

How To… Track Out A Beat!

photo credit: jonathan_moreau Well lets say you sell a beat….COOL! You sold a beat, Great! Congrats! You must have some HEAT! Now be sure to make sure your money is right…Then they ask you for a “tracked out” or “stems” version of the beat. I’m sure you have heard of this and wonder “What does that mean? “Well it is… Read more →