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Richard Gere Guitar Auction Just Short of 1 Million

Richard Gere has G.A.S. or had G.A.S. but decided to auction off his personal guitar and amp collection as I reported a few days ago. Well the numbers are in and his collection fetched $936, 438! Not to shabby! The most expensive guitar sold was a 1960 Gibson Les Paul which was bought by a private collector for $98,500! Martin Guitars even… Read more →

Tad Donley – Outta The Bass Drum

Have you ever heard of Tad Donley? He is a legend in the online audio community of sorts. Not sure if thats good or not but he has provided me with a couple of laughs over the years whenever I hear about him. Well tonight I found the funniest video of him I’ve seen yet, you know “the good stuff…” Read more →

Richard Gear Acquisition Syndrome

Richard Gere is a gear head. I had no clue! Apparently he is auctioning off his collection og high end guitars and amps! One of the most impressive is the Gibson Flying V previously owned by Albert King that sold for $74,500!! Plus with how he describes his guitar collection you can tell he is an aficionado: “It’s like falling in love. You’ve got to… Read more →

Sleep Steady – Run Boys

I’ve been listening to Sleep Steady‘s new release Summer Over-Seize and can’t stop playing Run Boys. I have shared them here before when they released the song “My Walk, Man” and found a cool interview over on thefindmag. Enjoy! Read more →

Gobbler – Pro Audio Backup

Gobbler is a new back up service similar to Dropbox but geared towards pro audio. It backs up your project files and the audio files as well. You can even get 10 extra gigs of space just by using it! Plus its compatible with most DAWs includingPro Tools, Logic, Garageband, Cubase, Nuendo, Live, Reaper, Reason, Record and Studio One! Via:… Read more →