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The Vinyl Killer…

Your out on the town with a beautiful young lady and the date is going great. “Lets go to your place..” she whispers… You get home, light the candles, bring out a glass of wine, fire up the vinyl killer and… instant romance! Via: Read more →

5th Annual Record Store Day

Today is the 5th annual Record Store Day so go out and support your local record store and get those hands dusty! If you don’t your local music store may end up like this… Check out the Record Store Day website for more info. Via: Read more →

Spit It With Feeling!

This isn’t the first time I post a comic from Music Shovel Comics and each time they’re great. This time they break down Dr Dre & Eminem’s new song “I Need a Doctor”… The lyrical contents of this .mp3 have me very fearful of the state of Detox as an album. There are proper places for blatant heterosexual love affairs: Turk and… Read more →

How Your Musician Brain is Creative

Saw this TED talk over on New Rockstar Philosophy and was blown away. This is a study on musicians and rappers brains during improvisation. Dr. Charles Limb lays down some intense experiments in creativity. More specifically, the kind of creativity that musicians participate in like jamming, free style rapping, or trading fours. The best part though was when Dr Limb started rapping! Classic!… Read more →