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  1. Ryan’s Essential Break Beats

    July 20, 2010 by Obi


    Ryan Maelhorn has contributed a new loop kit for ObiAudio! Ryan Maelhorn was making beats back in the day when white boys were hated on for listening to rap and pause-looping two cassette decks was considered cutting edge.  He has worked in every musical genre from Hip Hop, to Techno, to Indie Rock, to writing out his own Contemporary Classical music. Currently he’s at work chopping up some modern soul into a J-Dilla Donut-esque album, and brewing some beats for two upcoming MCs.  Hit him up on facebook to get on his select mailing list.  Posers need not apply.  Now, here’s some of the most classic break beats ever put on wax, seamlessly looped and labeled with accurate BPMs.  Served fresh, for you!

    Ryan’s Essential Break Beats