Crash Pad

In an appempt to create a sleeker, faster and more harmonious drum app the folks at Xen Element created Crash Pad!


  • Metronome
  • Time signature control
  • Count in (The recorder waits a measure before starting)
  • SmartTrim (Chops the end of a recording off allowing it to loop perfectly and seamlessly)
  • A bank of previous recordings to save all of your hard work
  • Play the drums while a recording is playing
  • Custom Kit Creator
  • 8 Individually customizable pads
  • Fabulous drum samples (Courtesy of and
  • Bank of saved custom kits
  • Slide triggering for easier access
  • Super sensitive non-laggy pads
  • Gorgeous interface
  • Handles up to 5 touches at once (The maximum on an iphone)

Available now!

We also have a couple to give away too! First three to leave a comment and you will get one for free courtesy of Xen Element!

  6 comments for “Crash Pad

  1. 04 at Feb

    Ok im in this looks cool and could definatly be usefull !!!

  2. Casey Sherrell
    12 at Feb

    What’s Up Obi,

    Is this app any good? I wouldn’t mind finding an app to play around with drum patterns while i have some time on my hands? Might be useful?

    • 13 at Feb

      Awesome sending you the promo code for your free version! 🙂 Thats the last one!

  3. 08 at Mar

    Thanks very much to OBIAudio for the drum samples used in the app!

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