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This is from a thread on Future Producers. I copied and pasted the good stuff, enjoy:

To understand EQ and its intricacies you need hands-on experience, but to help you get started, here’s a table of general uses and the different ranges that EQ can affect. As every sound is different, though, these are necessarily very general guidelines…

Kick Drum

Any apparent muddiness can be rolled off around 300Hz. Try a small boost around 5-7kHz to add some high end.

50-100Hz ~ Adds bottom to the sound
100-250Hz ~ Adds roundness

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  • 13 at Jul // Reply

    This is a fantastic guide for those just dabbling into EQ’ing. Thanks for putting this up!

  • What an amazing post! very useful indeed, from people using guitar amps to home cinemas…well done, and thanks!

  • 12 at Aug // Reply

    You star! this is exactly what i’ve always needed to know. Thanks for posting.

  • 07 at Sep // Reply

    Absolute genius!! I actually wrote down this whole page of info from my phone for a guide to use in my home studio and my recordings sound as if they were mastered by Brian Gardner….well maybe not that great but very good! Thanks for this!!

  • 10 at Oct // Reply

    What a wonderful nugget of EQ’ing information thank so you very much chum !!!

  • 13 at Apr // Reply

    Best mixing guideline I’ve read. Seriously, I’d have to have paid serious time/money to learn this in recording/experience school. Thank you.

  • 17 at Sep // Reply

    Good stuff but I still get a little confused between mixing instruments on single tracks, and then adding EQ to a Master mix?

    • Most of this will have to be learned in practice. Its like learning how to use colors in your paintings. You learn what each frequency does and how it can change different instruments or sounds. Learn it little by little and you’ll be EQing like a pro soon enough!

  • 03 at Dec // Reply

    Madd love to you for the info it has open my eyes and ears.

  • thanks I really appreciate all that you’ve done, its going to help me mixes alot. if only you knew about patchbays, anyway thanks again

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