Hardware Vs. Software

I Just don’t get it. I understand some people love hardware. I understand some love software. Some even like both! Cool. Don’t bash one or the another! Oh, and for the people who think that you can’t make anything good with the other-you are a idiot. Just want to let you know. Really, shut up. No, even better, STFU. Now that we have that out of the way let me tell you why I believe I am right about this like I do everything else in life.

Well main reason I think just saying you only use one and only one is good is, well, check this out. Lets say you hire a contractor to build you a house for you and your family. And he is all for nail-not screw. Screws suck. Forget screw you don’t need them, nails are sooooo much better. Anyone who uses screws just doesn’t know how to build a house. Well my friends I would not want to hire that contractor. What would happen when the contractor is putting in something as simple as light bulbs? would he “screw” them in? or light switches? Can you imagine them being “nailed” in? Weird. Sometimes one is better at a job than the other, true. But that is not to say both do not get the same job done!

Oh and don’t for get the people who think, “Oh, you can’t get quality or you can’t make a hit unless you have PRO TOOLS!” or even those that say, “Oh Fruity Loops? Na man that is weak! No one can make good music with that!”. You my friends are idiots of the worst kind. You are fools and love to partake in ignorance. That is like saying, “Oh you have a Zune!? Na man, iPods are the only way you can listen to music with quality! Everyone knows Zune’s can even play music right!”. You also are idiots. I mean really? If it gets a person from A to B, A being a thought and B being a finished idea in any form. A song or any personal medium being physical or not was once a idea, furthermore, anything that helps them accomplish that idea into a finished product is simply a tool.

So back to the contractor building a house. Lets say he is sick and tired of people using “old tools”. Lets say he doesn’t believe in using a hammer any more for those nails he loves. He ONLY uses a nail gun. Now when and if he could finish the house correctly, would you ask him to help you hang some pictures on the wall? He would level it out and BAM! there goes a nail into your wall-or through your wall and into the next room. There are times you would want to use a hammer, right? Or even more specific there are people who would prefer to use a hammer. If it works for them, great.

Please understand just like style of cloths and such every one is so different that even the gear one uses will vary greatly from one to another. In fact in every facet of music and art different people vary greatly. Look at any guitar player. Even if they are playing in the same genre there are tons of things that they choose to make they’re sound and tone their own. Strings, pedals, cables, pick ups, amps and even the guitar itself. Sure I can play the same E major chord as Carlos Santana and Eric Clapton but all three of us would sound different. But in that there is also beauty. Please don’t be a idiot and single certain people out just because they don’t use Pro tools or because all they use is a Boss sampler and a MPC 500/5000 (Worst MPC’s ever made). Please let live and live. Move on to greater things, such as creation of art.

Really? Does it matter what you use anymore? All that matters is the end result…

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  1. BTheKing
    12 at Jul

    Great article homie. I’m new to making music and I was stressing a little bit because of the software I just purchased. Wasn’t sure if I made the right choice, but you make a valid point. If the end result is a masterpiece then what I used to make it doesn’t matter. I’m sure I could learn a lot from you my man.

  2. 14 at Jul

    Thanks and glad to hear you enjoyed the article! Stay tuned for the relaunch in September with new articles, sampes and more features to be announced!

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