IK Multimedia Amplitube 2 Review

Amplitube is known to be one of the most versatile and best guitar plug in available. It seems like there are tons and tons of guitar amp sims for recording, but there aren’t many that are in Amplitube 2‘s league. I recently received Amplitube 2 with the Stealth Pedal along with Amplitube Metal, Amplitube Fender and Ampeg SVX. I will be digging into all of these and better explaining their features and how they sound. Now when I think about Amplitube 2 I think “This is what Fender, Metal and Ampeg SVX are made on.” Amplitube is the Grand Daddy to all the others. In it are the very familiar controls, functions and work flow. Tuner, pedal board, amps, cabinets, microphones and rack effects. Pretty basic right? Its the sound that has made it one of the best.

Amplitube 2 has a great feature list including a Digital tuner, 21 stomp effects, 14 Pre-amp & EQ models, 7 power amp models, 16 cabinet and 6 microphone models 11 post-amp FX racks and 2 fully configurable rigs. Lets start with the Tuner and Stomp effects. The tuner is great, on/off switch and has a mute switch too so if you are using it live the crowd won’t hear you tuning. The Stomp effects, like always with IK Multimedia, sound great. They have really jammed this full of great ones too! From basic compressors to fuzz its all here. Each one not only sounds like the real thing but also looks like it too! The GUI in Amplitube is one of my favorite things about it besides the sound!

Now on the main course, Amps and cabs! There is such a huge variety you can get here with the amps alone. One thing that really was interesting is the fact you can change the preamp, eq and the power amp in each head. That provides for great flexibility with the cabs you can really fine tune everything! There are 16 different cabs you can use from 1×6″ small combo to a huge 4×12″. On top of that you can also select the mic in which you record the cabinet with. There are 6 different mics including some of the finest microphones including stuff from Shure, Neumann, Sennheiser and AKG.

When Amplitude first came on the scene nobody was willing to give up their guitar rigs to a computer to record with. IK Multimedia changed that when they released Amplitube. The amp models included are more than enough for any artist to get a well rounded rig set up in seconds. You can record a metal lead over a country twangy rhythm and still have tons of other tone possibilities at your finger tips! I have yet to go through every single possible combination but I know no matter what if I need to record guitar Amplitube 2 is gonna be one of the first things I open up in Reaper! The effects are really really great. I love the DCOMP and the Overscream/Fuzz Age combo running through the American Tube Clean 1 for a slightly dirtier bluesy tone.

I can not say enough about Amplitube 2 or any of the other Amplitube series. They are a must have for any studio, guitarist or bass player. I have saved hundreds of hours and headaches Ever since I got this I haven’t had to call musicians back in to rerecord their parts and spend money and time to redo stuff. This is a necessity. Thanks IK Multimedia!


 Amplitube 2

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