IK Multimedia Amplitube Fender Review Pt II

So I have had Amplitube Fender for almost 3 months now. The excitement of having a new plug in has definitely worn off, BUT my excitement about how stellar this version of Amplitube sounds hasn’t! I kid you not when I say this is my FAVORITE guitar tone I have gotten in the studio! Recently they did a upgrade and its not just bug fixes. It includes 3 new effects including the Fender Compressor Stomp, Fender Wah and the Fender ’63 Reverb Tank Rack Unit and each one of these sound amazing! Now the first time around I wrote more so on how in love I am with this plug in, and rightfully so, I mean this is an amazing plug in! Well this time I will dig deeper into what is included and tell you how each part of Amplitube Fender sounds!

Now just like all the other versions of Amplitube, Ampeg SVX, Metal and Amplitube 2 there are a tons of options but the overall layout is the same. The same killer tuner, same amp, mic and stomp box layouts. Very familiar which is a good thing. It helps keep them all uniform to be able to use them in X-Gear which is a “shell” of sorts that lets you use any of the Amplitubes together and switch between presets. Sweet. Now I can not stress enough how well this sounds compared to real Fenders. I have had the chance to play a real ’65 Fender Deluxe Reverb that my uncle bought back in 1965 when he was a teenager. I love it and have offered countless times to buy it off him. Of course being that it has sentimental value he always says no but I love to borrow it and play it. Well when I play Amplitube Fender I can close my eyes, put my M-Audio IE-30’s on and just forget I’m running through a computer!

In Amplitube Fender there are 12 Guitar amps, 12 matching cab, 9 stomp box effects, 7 rack effects, a tuner and 9 microphones. This has the same layout as all the other Amplitube series have. Another cool feature I haven’t touched on with the Amplitube series yet is Speed Trainer. It is used in the stand alone version of Amplitube Fender. It is basically an integrated audio player that gives you separate pitch and speed controls for playing back music and slowing down the tempos of music without changing the pitch. It allows you to drag any WAV, MP3 or iTunes files into it and set loop points for playing over and tracking your songs. Oh and they throw in a metronome in there too. These are awesome practice tools that EVERY guitarist should take advantage of!

Now lets get into the Amps. There are 12 amps total including ’59 Bassman LTD, ’65 Twin Reverb, ’57 Deluxe, ’65 Deluxe Reverb, ’64 Vibroverb Custom, Vibro-King Custom, Champion 600, Super-Sonic, MH-500 Metal Head, Pro Junior, Bassman 300 and the TBP-1 Bass Preamp. I could record all guitars AND basses with this plug in! These are awesome and sweet emulations. I hate to even call them that because once your put time into guitar tone you get really snobbish sometimes and I tried so hard to find fault in these, but I couldn’t. Every time I recorded a guitar or bass I ran it through this and they all sound stellar! I’m gonna kinda skip the guitar stuff here and kinda focus on bass here. There are 3 obvious options for bass here. The ’59 Bassman, Bassman 300 and the TBP-1 Bass Preamp. Out of these my favorite was the TBP-1. It sounded so clear and full that now I really have to choose between Ampeg SVX and Amplitube Fender! Now back to the amps. I have to say again that my favorite clean amp here is the ’65 Fender Deluxe Reverb and then to top it off my FAVORITE guitar crunch I have heard is from the MH-500 Metal Head. Very impressive. I have never paid much attention to the Fender “Metal Amps” mainly due to the fact Fender is and has always been known as a clean amp company. Well the awesome sound of the MH-500 Metal Head is amazing!

As a guitar player my favorite thing besides new pedals and awesome amps is cabs. I have been known to own a few amps in my day but my passion was switching cabs. I have had 1×10’s, 1×12’s, 4×12’s, and I have had a 2×12’s and a 15 in a cab before! Well one thing that you really can’t mess with is trying these different amps with other Fender cabs. I mean running a MH-500 Metal head through the ’59 Bassman® 4×10” Open Back cab sounds cool. I mean you can run through these combinations that you would never have thought to even try before that sounds really good! One of my favorites is the Fender Vibratone 1×10” Rotary Speaker for a Leslie type effect.

The stomp box section of Amplitube Fender has a 1st class effect selection. In the Stomp section there are 9 stomp boxes at your disposal. There is the Fender Compressor, Fender Blender, Fender Phaser, Fender Fuzz Wah, Fender Tremolo, Fender ’63 Reverb, Fender Tape Echo, Fender Wah and Fender Volume. You can use these in any combination in either Stomp A or B. Now if you thought that was a lot we haven’t even touched the Rack effects yet! In the Rack you have a Fender, Pitch Shift, Fender Tape Echo, Fender Sine Flange, Fender Triangle Chorus, Fender Wah, Fender Compressor and the Fender ’63 Reverb. Now that I went through those lists can you really imagine needing anything else? I mean they have all the bases covered inside the plug in without having to add to it. One thing I really want to point out is how awesome these sound! My favorite reverb is the 63′ Reverb. Sometimes I’ll use it as a reverb for vocals or other oddities and turn off all the amp and cab modeling so it is just the reverb and it sounds stellar!

Now I know I have done a review on Amplitube Fender before but it needed to be revisited with the new update and to give you guys a more in depth review. I still can not believe how much this plug in has made recording guitars. No matter where I am I can turn on my laptop plug in my Audio fire and record a take and dial in a killer tone that would take tons of setup time and a lot more money than this plug in costs! The versatility in this makes this a must have for every guitarist recording! You can be a session guitarist and do all of your work with Amplitube Fender!

IK Multimedia Amplitube Fender

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