IK Multimedia Amplitube Metal Review


Amplitube Metal is ugly. I mean really, really ugly. Ugly like when your doing an awesome solo and your face scrunches up. Or Ugly like when your listening to your favorite metal band and they go into a break down and your face does the same scrunch up while you bang your head to the awesomely dark, deep yet full guitar tones! (Yeah you know what I’m talking about…) Amplitube Metal is exactly what it is. Its Metal. Full on rebellious, in your face, loud Metal. From old school rock to Nu Metal and every other type of distortion you can think of! Another great amp sim from IK Multimedia in the Amplitube series this is another specialty amp sim that sounds phenomenal.

Amplitube Metal, like Amplitube 2, Amplitube 3 or Fender has a basic yet highly customizable interface. There are 5 modules and each module has tons of options. You can switch back and forth between them like you would tabs in FireFox. Very easy and you don’t get lost in menus! The modules in order are: a high quality tuner, a stomp pedal board with 12 stomp effects, 5 Amp models, 13 cabinet models 6 microphone and 9 rack stereo effects. The number of tone combinations here are ridiculous! You can go through so many different tones that I get stuck when I record myself. Sometimes I go in with a idea and then just start jamming and come up with tons of new one and forgot why I originally came in to record! This is a great problem to have. I have had writers block before but when you have a tone that inspires this really makes tools like Amplitube Metal a necessity in the studio!

With Amplitube Metal you have 5 amps. Well in this, like in Amplitube 2, you can select pre amp, EQ and a power amp all within the amp head. This is a great feature to mix and match what you like in different amps. On to the cabs, there is a pretty big speaker selection for you here too. This is where the Metal in Amplitube Metal really starts to come out. Nothing but 4×12 cabinets here, 4 of them with 3 “takes” of each one to be exact! Some of the best and most used in metal cabs are here. From Marshall to Mesa, all here and they all sound huge just like they do in real life!

The included effects in Amplitube Metal are again awesome sounding and centered towards metal. So chances are if you play metal you have played these before. With the included Rack effects you have over 23 different effects at your disposal. Chorus? Done. Flange? Done. Delay? Of course, oh and its sync-able to your host’s BPM! Everything you could ever need plus mere? Done, it is all here! Oh and they threw in a kick ass tuner as usual. Oh and the fact that you can run 2 rigs at the same time is awesome!

What bad can I say about Amplitube Metal? I seriously can’t think of a thing! Every time I review something or am looking at purchasing something I look at the price point. At this price point you can not get a better deal for recording distorted guitars. If you were to even buy one rig you would be spending hundreds, if not thousands more than you would pay for any of the Amplitube series!

IK Multimedia Amplitube Metal

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