IK Multimedia Groove Maker Review

So when I first heard IK Multimedia was going to release an App for the Apple App Store I was kind of curious but kind of dismissed it at the same time. I mean most people think, including myself, til I tried it, that iPhone or iPod apps are just for fun. So I really didn’t get to excited over it but being the curious type I had to try it out. So I first check out their site and just read through everything on there as I usually do with any product I plan on adding to my arsenal. Well what I saw surprised me, there is not only 1 app but there are 8! Plus they offer a basic version for free and a Club version for half price of the other models, sweet!

In each version of Groove Maker there are a set of loops that compliment the style that the Groove Maker is modeled after. For instance, if you are into House you would download the Groove Maker House. If your into Hip-Hop then you would download Groove Maker Hip-Hop and so on for 8 different Groove Makers. Now you can easily get lost in this app for hours whether or not you have musical experience. I am not kidding when I say it is the easiest groove making software I have seen. I let my friend who has ZERO experience with making music or recording, much less on a iPod and withing minutes she had her own personal groove going on that she had created from scratch. It is very easy to get going and get started making professional sounding tracks.

In IK Multimedia’s Groove Maker there are all the basic things you would expect in a regular professional DAW. There is a master volume, as well as an additional track setting to adjust volume, pan, tap tempo control, a sequencer and a loop navigator to choose loops. Plus there are 8 pads that load the loops. Now I am still a bit confused at how there is so much but it is easy and natural to use each feature. To change the tempo you, well you tap the tempo you want. All the loops match perfectly to the tempo you tap in. Plus if you hold the Tempo button for a few seconds a fader appears and you can do more precise tempo changes. When you select the Track button a mute, solo, lock, volume and pan control comes up to whichever pad you had selected in the first place and you can easily change pads for quick and easy mixing. You can solo each pad to get a better idea of what is going on in the loop you can mute then in different ways to help sequence a song and create some patterns and if you lock a pad then it prevents your pad from changing when hitting the random buttons.

The main groove screen you see when opening any of IK Multimedia’s Groove Maker has 8 pads for 8 loops. On the right side of the screen you will see 4 different types of mix buttons. Each one changes all your loops and selects them at random depending on the loop button chosen. For instance there is a percussion button so the main loops loaded are percussion loops. So if you ever get beat block you never have to worry about getting ideas to get started! Plus with the lock feature you can keep selecting random loops and keeping the ones you like by locking the pad’s loop!

One of the best thought out things about Groove Maker is the loop selection, not only do you have the option of randomly selecting loops by category but you can scroll through each and every loop in each Groovemaker by hitting the Loops button. On the right the screen changes to a list of loops. When you select a loop area under the pads but above the Loops, Track, Play and Tempo shows the waveform of the loop chosen. Not to mention that most of the Groovemaker series comes with over 300 different loops matching the style of music! That is thousands of possibilities with just the loops included and they offer more songs for download when you register!

Now lets say you spent an hour making different grooves, I mean really digging into this wonderful app making intros, outros, breaks, builds and chorus’s! Now what? Well you can sequence it and put each groove in a order to sequence a full song! Oh I also forgot to mention you can also export the song in 44KHz/16bit Wav file! You can take your creations and distribute your songs, remixes or even take you ideas to your Computer to continue to add to them with Sonik Synth, Sampletron or add vocals for a quick and easy instrumental! This alone makes this app a must for up and comers that don’t have the best of the best behind them or have the money to hire professional producers and buy tons of studio gear. Today we are blessed to have the technology and companies like IK Multimedia creating tools for us to use to make professional music at ridiculous prices!

IK Multimedia Groove Maker

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