ObiAudio & ObiAudio Forums Launched!

Creative Commons License photo credit: @ly$ in wonderland

We have been doing tons of work behind the scenes and are finally up and running!

Today we’ll be starting with our new Music Monday series introducing you all to new artists and music! Our posting schedule will be something to get used to also. We’re going to post new stuff over the weekend starting on Friday and posting through out the weekend. This is mainly because a lot of people do music in their free time so why not post stuff over the weekend when you can actually get down and try out our new samples and techniques when you guys are hard working your music? πŸ™‚

Also our forum is now launched so if you got an invite make sure to finish signing up and check out all the previews for new stuff coming out before it is posted on our main site! Not to mention just a dope overall forum cause I’m there! πŸ˜€

If there are any specific topics or if your an artist/producer wanting to submit your music for our Music/Monday series be sure to contact us! Besides that welcome to the NEW ObiAudio!

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