ObiAudio Update

As you can tell there are some changes happening here at We have switched to a new CMS (WordPress if you couldn’t tell.) and have a totally new outlook on how we’ll be proceeding. Most things you won’t notice at all. We will still have the largest selection of free MPC programs, tons of great sample packs and refills-all for free as usual. Some things that will or already have changed will be our look, (like the new logo?) the new Meebo bar for sharing stuff you like on Facebook/Twitter/Digg, the ability to subscribe via RSS or email, our new Twitter account, Facebook fan page & we still have TONS of NEW samples and kits coming, even better articles & reviews but the main thing that will be changing is our new News and Music sections.

With our new News sections we will post updates on new gear, promotions, contests or anything news worthy really. So if you have anything you’d like to see in our news section make sure to let us know with our new Contact Us page! As for our music page, we will be posting music we like. New artists, new producers, new music videos or even current artists. If you’d like to submit your music for review also visit our Contact Us page and let us know! One rule: There must always be a free song for download. We will be featuring quite a few artists and even have a featured artist of the week or month so stay tuned for that!

There will also be a forum but for the time being that is still in the works. The official relaunch will be in the fourth quarter of 2010 so you may still see some changes happening but don’t worry, we aren’t going anywhere. Do you guys have anything  you’d like to see here? Let us know in the comments or our Contact Us page!

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  1. Joey Jeff Productions
    12 at Sep

    site is looking real nice bro!

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