Pete Marriott’s Drumdays Vol. 01: Drum Machine Funk

Pete Marriott has put together one of the BEST collections of CLASSIC drum machines ever recorded. He definitely put some time into these so don’t sleep on them! From his facebook page…

Last week I announced on Facebook that I was going to give away all of the drum sounds on one of my 1 GB hard drives I’m no longer using due to the fact that I reinvented my sound design process for drums. My old method was a somewhat unique stacking technique that no longer applies to me today because I developed a much better method. So now that I don’t need these drum samples anymore I figured I share them with those of you who might enjoy them as much as I once have on a weekly basis. So from now on Mondays are now Drumdays. 😀


Be sure to check him out on his website and his facebook fan page. Oh did I mention we have a new facebook fan page too! 🙂

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