Pete Marriott’s Drumdays Vol. 02: And These Are the Breaks…

And like clockwork Pete Marriott comes through with another installment of his Drumdays..

Having grown up in the streets of Brooklyn and spending my weekends up the Bronx so I can spend time with my Dad I was constantly enveloped in hip hop culture. It could have been a graffiti laden train ride from BK to BX, B-Boys duking it out on cardboard, kids in the lunchroom spiting rhymes as other kids banged beats on the tables, or my very favorite Summer Block Parties where the DJs got busy on the 1’s and 2’s as the M.C. kicked rhyme routines that entertained us all.

The soundtrack to all of this were drum breaks, a short short phrase could easily be transformed into an entire song by a DJ extending it with two turntables so when Howie Tee the very first DJ/Producer to sample, took drums from a break beat to create his own drum tracks this technique spread like wildflowers to other DJs and thus sampling culture was born.

I honestly don’t know how I found these breaks on my 1 TB hard drive but they where there and no they are your hard drive too.

Enjoy! It’s Drumday after all.

Usually these come through on Monday but Obi was slacking this week…My bad I’ll make it up to yall this weekend with some new samples! 🙂

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