Pete Marriott’s Drumdays Vol. 03: Pump Your Brakes!

Right on schedule Pete Marriott came through with some amazing samples as usual! Check them out on his facebook fan page!

This week’s installment of Pete Marriott’s Drumdays almost didn’t happen because of one person who never took time out to read anything I’ve written about these drum sounds I’m sharing. The reason I write believe it or not, is because there is a lesson to learned in the context of things. And although My short paragraphs are longer than your average Tweet on Twitter, I’ve come to realize there is a strong difference between my generation of hip hop practitioners and the current generation and that is simply a case of attention span.

Anyhow, I found another folder. I have no idea what’s on it or where it came from, all I know is they are there and now I’m sharing them with you in hopes you’ll do something good with them.


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