Pete Marriott’s Drumdays Vol. 04: You Should Actually Read This Note!

So DJ Pete Marriott is off to bigger and better things! This will have to hold us on for a couple of weeks until we see the new Drum Days schedule!

Due to the fact that I very recently accepted a new job offer that will benefit great music and the people who make it, I have a lot do. Like prepare for my new position as the Program Director for an exciting new Radio Station where I’ll also be moving my Mix Show Generation Next w/ DJ Pete Marriott to as well. Originally I was just supposed to be the flagship DJ there but the owners of the station just tapped me to be the PD and this challenge is something I very much welcome because I will not only get to drive my own show but the musical and programing direction of the station. This means Artists who actually make meaningful music will have a Radio Station in their corner. I’m quite sure the owners of this new venture is experimenting but I believe this is one that could work if you listen to and support it because I will open the playlists to unsigned and indie artists. I’m also producing several upcoming releases as well as collaborating with other record producers on their projects, so I’m going to become even more busier than I am now. Don’t worry, Pete Marriott’s Drumdays will continue but it will more than likely become a Bi-Weekly affair if not Monthly. I haven’t decided anything yet, but stay tuned.

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