Pre Amp Shootout

What is the difference?

We have 3 preamps. 2 Of which are around the 500 price point, the third is over the 1000 mark commonly going for 1150 street. One (RNP) has been a low end champion for years.Yet another (Auteur) is challenging the RNP at the same price point…..

All were done using a Sennheiser e906 mic on a 20w TopHat combo, with a loop running on my DD-20 delay pedal. So the loop just repeats, the mic position didn’t change at all, and I just switched the different preamps in and out. As close to “scientific” as I could get and any differences you hear are due to the pres themselves as much as possible. Volumes were very close in recording and then matched in my DAW so that each clip has the exact same max RMS value at the same spot in the clip.

FMR Really Nice Preamp 906

Black Lion Audio Auteur 906

Great River 906

You can read the review for the Black Lion Audio Auteur here.

  6 comments for “Pre Amp Shootout

  1. 31 at Jul

    Great reviews, awesome downloads, and even better, a down to earth musician!

  2. JP Sheridan
    20 at May

    Dude great site. I’m new to this pro audio stuff and in the market for a 2 channel preamp.

    What am I supposed to be hearing here. I know my ears are not trained but I really can’t tell the difference through my Beyer DT770 Pro headphones. In optimal listening environment what should I be hearing?

    • 31 at May

      Pre-amps sound and tone is a lot more subtle. There is a difference but a lot of times your ears don’t have the experience to distinguish the subtle differences. It is also a testament to how much quality these low enders pack for such a low price!

  3. Chelo
    26 at Oct

    I think all of them sound really nice, I can tell subtle differences, The great river as I supposed smoothens the high notes a bit in a really nice way, the RNP and Auteur are similar, although I would choose each one for different jobs , the RNP to my ears sounds just a bit fuller, just a bit, but the auteur has a sense of pristine that is amazing for the buck! Easily put next to grace design preamps IMO.

    • Obi
      20 at Dec

      I think the Auteur sounds very full, the low end is one of my favorite things about it.

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