Producers Edge Magazine Review

I was given a trial issue of a new production magazine. Now I have not seen a hip-hop centered production magazine since Scratch. With Scratch it started out really good and I had the very first issue. I loved how it was well written, not saturated with garbage interviews and promo and loved how it was catered to the producer in Hip-Hop, but when they got bought out and the new owners (Not going to mention any names) started messing with a winning formula they then started losing readers. Well of course I was one of those readers they lost. So all I have been able to read has been online forums and of course the oldie but goodie. Tape Op and of course my usual Guitar Player. Well to the huge demographic of future hip-hop producers, there really wasn’t anything to cater to us. It is a HUGE demographic to be tapped into.

Well all of a sudden I hear from Griffin Avid, who just so happens to be a writer for the magazine, that there is such a magazine! He quickly sent one to me and I have honestly read it cover to cover 3 times! It is one of the best magazine I have ever read. They had articles that actually appealed to me. Plus they are not over filled with a bunch of short articles that have no use to me or a bunch of advertisements. Not that advertisements are bad, I understand you pay bills with them so i can stand them, but I hate it when you go through 3 or 4 pages straight of them to get to 1 article!

Things I loved about the magazine is they interviewed producers who are legends as well as some who are carving out their legacy. In my first issue there was interviews with legends such as Diamond D and Easy Moe Bee. Then some current Heavy weights 9th Wonder & Don Canon. And to wrap it up there was a interview with the current “Beast of the Beats” Winner The Applejuice Kid. Checked out his stuff online and wow. Great stuff. I love this magazine. I just subscribed to it. I usually don’t subscribe to to many magazines any more but this is one I’ll be reading for a while. There is so much information in this magazine. Plus it isn’t just useless info, it’s all stuff I can use in MY production.
They even went into the reviews and technical info on classic gear like the Emu SP 1200! Then it went right into the interview with Easy Moe Bee who just so happens to use the SP1200. It is just a great thought out magazine made by producers and musicians for producers and musicians! Check it out here at Producer’s Edge Magazine.

Now for the best part of the whole magazine…..It comes with a free DVD packed with demo as well as free software and samples! Has great tutorial Videos and great review Videos! This was by far the icing on the cake! It came with some drum refills made by the great Griffin Avid! This is one of the greatest things any electronic musician/producer can buy. Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced. This and the Beat Tips Manual are on my list to recommend to other producers who want to get started or anybody who just wants to get to the next level in their musicianship and production!

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