Recording Hacks Microphone Giveaway!

Microphone Giveaway!

Recording hacks being the awesome microphone authority that it is, has begged and pleaded with a few of your favorite microphone companies to help them give away a microphone a month-ALL YEAR LONG!

Be sure to check out the microphone contest page and sign up!

The February prize is a Lewitt Audio LCT-640 multipattern FET condenser and check out the review while your at it!


  3 comments for “Recording Hacks Microphone Giveaway!

  1. 03 at Feb

    I love recording hacks!

  2. matt mcglynn
    17 at Feb

    Shane and Obi, thank you so much for your support!

    The February contest is now under way.

    An engineer pal tried the LCT 640 on voiceover and reported back: “It was big. Almost too big!”

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