Se Electronics Se X1 Bundle Review


Price €190 from including delivery. (I have to admit Thomann were extremely fast on shipping and even let me know by text message that the item shipped then emailed me once the package had reached a new destination!)

Frequency Response: 20Hz-20KHz

Sensitivity: -32 dBV/Pa (25.1mV/Pa)

Polar Pattern: Cardioid

Impedance: ≤ 200 Ohms

Equivalent Noise Level: 16dB(A weighted)

Max SPL for 0.5% THD@1000Hz: 125dB

Power Requirement: Phantom power 48V±4V

Connector: 3-pin

“The sEX1 is the latest addition to the entry level range of sE microphones, produced with one thing in mind… to outperform every other mic on the market in its price category and significantly over it.”

I wanted this bundle mainly for the portable booth (it was one of the cheapest with the best ratings I could find) so I said why not give it a shot.

The Mic:

I currently use the M-audio Solaris mic (€450) for vocals and to be honest I’m never happy with the way they turn out, they always feel like there lacking, even when I tried it with the reflexion filter I just wasn’t happy so I said why not give this little SE mic a shot

After unboxing the first thing I noticed was the weight this mic is heavy for its size, running the X1 requires 48v phantom power and connects with a XLR Connector, It is a CARDIOID CONDENSER mic, with a nice black steel grill.

The X1 also has a Bass cut and 10db pad switch (which after looking at some other mics in the same price range it appears to be one of the only ones) with a very nice black finish which feels kind of like rubber, and this one feature alone makes you kind of warm to the mic from the get go.

So I hook it up, didn’t replace any cables just replaced one mic for the next and I’m really impressed with X1, the vocal is clear a lot clearer than the Solaris, usually with the Solaris I have a LOT of noise removal to do with this it picked up a slight bit of noise that honestly I didn’t really have to remove but I did anyway, also if someone is standing in font of the mic and I’m at the desk talking to them the Solaris never picked up what I was saying the SE mic did.

I’m really impressed by this mic and unexpectedly so, for the price I was expecting value for money but you really get so much more, now dont get me wrong im not gonna give the old Solaris the boot just yet as it could be useful for instruments and its always nice to have different mics for options but for the price and quality as an entry level product I think this Se X1 mic is a great product and would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a first or even new mic.

The Reflexion Filter (Portable Booth) :

First off, for those that arent sure what the Reflexion filter is or what its purpose is then I suppose the answer would be this : To give you a dryer vocal when recording in a not so perfect environment, giving your vocal a more professional sound than recording in an untreated room.

For the size of the filter its not too heavy, after all its just a metal back lined with acoustic foam, setting it up is relativly straight forward and only took about five to ten minutes with no instructions, (as it didn’t come with any) to attach to the stand it came with a wrench which I didn’t use, (it will come in usefull for something else im sure) if you do plan on buying this product make sure you have a good solid mic stand with a tripod base, (if you don’t then have some nice affordable stands available that are well constructed) as I honestly can’t see this staying standing on a round based stand.

I tested both mics with and without the filter and the difference is definitely noticeable, making this filter a nice little addition to those of us who have to record in an untreated room on a budget.

The filter can be purchased seperatly as can the mic, however with the cost being so low I would highly recommend buying the bundle as together they work really really well.

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