Sonic Reality R.A.W. Universal Groove Kit Review

After the last review about the Monster Refill Group Buy I thought I should also review R.A.W. Universal Groove Kit since R.A.W. Miami is apart of the group buy now! I can not stress enough, if you haven’t jumped in on this group buy jump in! You will not find a better deal anywhere for the price! This is the perfect opportunity for anybody using reason to expand their sample library! R.A.W. Universal Groove Kit comes with over 2 gigs of loops! From Jazz, Funk and Rock to Pop, Hip Hop and Raggaeton! Best part of it is there are tons of instruments too! drums, guitars and bass to keys, horns and synths! It comes in three different formats the standard Wav, Rex and Apple Loops!

I use Reaper as my DAW of choice and it can read all three formats on both Mac or PC with ease. After running through a bunch of loops in the Media Explorer I had found a nice full sounding jazzy drum loop. I dragged it on to a track and started messing with the order of the loop. With Rex format loops they are already chopped to the transient so manipulating the loops or triggering one shot samples with Rex compatible samplers from these loops are a cinch! After about 30 seconds I had a basic loop and arrangement for a whole song based of of one loop. I moved parts of the snare hits around a bit to give a different feel to the chorus and verses as well as a intro and outro. All with in 30ish seconds. I have never had a easier time with drums. They sounded awesome and helped me create the basis for my song.

Next up was some actual chord progressions. Now this is where R.A.W. Universal Groove Kits shine. They are labeled so amazingly well! They start with the loops tempo, then the key and lastly the name of the loop. Great thing about Rex files are because they have been chopped accordingly before hand they translate really well with other tempos. Both slower or faster. Plus there is a wide range of instrumental loops here too. Over 300 loops of just guitars, both acoustic and electric, in every key imaginable! So up next I picked out a guitar loop with off beat staccato G chords layered with the drum loop. The song is starting to sound full but definitely needs some bass! I found a nice funkish bass line that fit the song well.

So now I got a basic song thing going but felt I needed to give it something to help fill it out. So I started looking for something synthy or even some kind of Rhodes. Clicked on the Keyboard Riffs folder and after 4 or 5 auditioned loops I found the perfect loop! Its a great rhodes loop that I put a little tremolo and compression and it fit perfectly, I can not believe how easy it is to get what you want when you want it! I have been working in the key of G so far and finding new instruments to add to your work is so easy because of the naming system they have! Plus all these sounds are easily molded to fit any mix!

After about 10 minutes I was able to put together a great song from loops! I never though I would see the day! Plus because they come in Rex format I was able to use ever single loop as single hit drum kits in my sampler! To put together this much in such a short amount of time was very surprising to say the least. Plus when it comes to how well they fit into a mix with other loops is just amazing. They are not overly processed and easily molded with EQ or Compression to fit. The whole R.A.W. series is amazing and drenched with quality!

R.A.W. Universal Groove Kit

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