Sonic Reality Sonic Refills Ultra Loaded Review

I have always loved Reason, so much so I have preferred it to any workstation keyboard out there. The mere fact that there are thousands of sounds from all over the world available for Reason in their Refill format is a really great thing – I mean anything and everything you could ever want is probably available in refill format. The downside to this is that there is also so much garbage to sift through. Some of the best refills have always come from Sonic Reality. Recently they started a group buy called Monster Reason Refill which is a huge bundle of the best refills out there. I am privileged enough to have these refills and would like to help other reason users on the fence or even reason users looking to expand their sound library immensely with some new refills.

When it comes to quality Sonic Reality is one of the first names in the business when it come to great sample libraries. The Sonic Refill Collection is Gold. Pure Gold. It alone puts many many many other workstation and sample libraries to shame. It has everything you could think of sound wise: Vintage drum machines, Synths, Basss (Both natural and Synth), Guitars, Rhodes, Pianos, REAL Drums, Strings, Brass – the list can go on and on. When it comes down to it I will say this, there is no shortage for great sounds. So much so that I still have not gone through every single Thor Patch, NNXT multi samples, Rex loops or even the Malmstrom patches but oh how wonderful the sounds are. I picked Reason with a controller instead of a workstation because of the great QUALITY of refills and the endless amounts of refills available. I now have over 15 gigs of Sonic Reality Refills and no one else can touch them when it comes to the quality they provide. I hate trying out refills, workstations, Synths or VSTis that have some great features or even a few great sounds but then the rest are just kind of “meh”.

Homer: Kids, how would you like to go… to Blockoland!
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When it comes time to compose, or write a song, melody, make a beat or whatever it is you do musically Reason and Sonic Reality Refills are something you want in your corner. You just play. You don’t have to stress about adding a compressor or eqing it to fit. You start with a solid, beautiful instrument that is perfect as is and yet with Reason you can transform it to something totally different. My personal favorite are the drums. I started as a drummer and always pride myself on my drum sounds or “tones” as I refer to them. I really feel a nice full drum sound is hard to achieve and Sonic Reality are some of the best at achieving it. From the Vintage & Monster Drum Refills to the free to members Ocean Way Kit 10 Refill they are solid. And then there are the keys, Oh my the keys. I get all flustered just thinking about choosing the perfect sound for keys. I mean The Meaty Grand, Nice Rhdz, and the A Grand Piano from the Pianos & Organs refills are some of my favorites but sometimes I get to clicking other presets and have the hardest time figuring out which sounds better. It is the best problem I have ever had! We’re barely scratching the surface for the Sonic Refill Collection but we still need to discuss the Ultra Refills too!

dope (dp) n.
1. Informal
a. A narcotic, especially an addictive narcotic.
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d. Sonic Reality Refills (I’m just saying…)

After much playing around I have started digging into some of the refills from the Ultra Series, or more specific the Ultra Hip-Hop, Electronic and Symphonic Refills. Dope. Plain and simple. They are so addictive! They are kind of generalized in a style but there are some awesome natural flute sounds in the Ultra Electronic Refill, an amazing Organ in the Ultra Hip-Hop and then there is the Ultra Symphonic. Doper. Yep. Didn’t think that word existed-and it didn’t…..til Sonic Reality made Ultra Symphonic! I can’t believe the amazing quality of the strings, pianos, and percussion in here. Amazing Timpanis, Choirs and again, by surprise some sweet Synths that are still fitting in with the rest of Ultra Symphonic Refill. When you take just those three, each of which by themselves can hold up against any other collection, VSTi or workstation, you have yet another combination that will keep you busy for a long time not wanting.

What I hate the most when it comes to Refills or workstations or any product I get, I hate it when I hit a brick wall or am not satisfied with my end product. Well I am glad to say that bad music done with this is because the user is at fault, not the sounds. Sonic Reality has brought amazing Refills to the world and you would be a fool to have Reason and not be using these!

Sonic Reality Sonic Refills Ultra Loaded

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