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IK Multimedia Stealth Pedal Review

  So I have done reviews on Amplitube 2, Amplitube Metal, Amplitube Fender and Ampeg SVX. Well these amazing tools all came with the Stealth Pedal I just got. That is a intro to how awesome of a studio tool the Stealth Pedal is! It is a USB pedal interface for guitar or bass. It has 2 separate 1/4″ inputs,… Read more →

IK Multimedia Amplitube 2 Review

Amplitube is known to be one of the most versatile and best guitar plug in available. It seems like there are tons and tons of guitar amp sims for recording, but there aren’t many that are in Amplitube 2‘s league. I recently received Amplitube 2 with the Stealth Pedal along with Amplitube Metal, Amplitube Fender and Ampeg SVX. I will… Read more →

IK Multimedia Amplitube Metal Review

  Amplitube Metal is ugly. I mean really, really ugly. Ugly like when your doing an awesome solo and your face scrunches up. Or Ugly like when your listening to your favorite metal band and they go into a break down and your face does the same scrunch up while you bang your head to the awesomely dark, deep yet full… Read more →

IK Multimedia Amplitube Fender Review Pt II

So I have had Amplitube Fender for almost 3 months now. The excitement of having a new plug in has definitely worn off, BUT my excitement about how stellar this version of Amplitube sounds hasn’t! I kid you not when I say this is my FAVORITE guitar tone I have gotten in the studio! Recently they did a upgrade and… Read more →

IK Multimedia Amplitube Fender Review Pt I

Wow…. Seriously…just wow! I got this a few weeks ago and have not yet been able to stop jamming! I just keep playing guitar! This is getting in the way of my production! Anybody else try it? Wow. I am speechless. That describes IK Multimedia’s newest addition to the Amplitube series. I mean W-O-W. I have been playing guitar for… Read more →