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Reaper Version 3.73

Cockos has released the newest version of¬†Reaper! Reaper 3.73 Update details: AU: fixed some AUs going blank when floating/unfloating the window (thanks, Camel Audio) avoid opening bridges to scan for plug-ins (keep cached copy — hit F5 in fx browser to force rescan) Envelopes: fixed editing of first envelope point when hiding pre-fx volume/pan envelopes, values are no longer applied… Read more →

Hardware Vs. Software

I Just don’t get it. I understand some people love hardware. I understand some love software. Some even like both! Cool. Don’t bash one or the another! Oh, and for the people who think that you can’t make anything good with the other-you are a idiot. Just want to let you know. Really, shut up. No, even better, STFU. Now… Read more →

The Modern Newbie Files: Recording Software

There are a few of very popular recording software. The most popular ones being ProTools, Logic, Sonar, Cubase, Acid Pro, and Reaper. The best way to pick a recording software is just too look at the features you need. Like Mac or PC, plug-in format, track count, audio interface options, routing features, and price. For Mac you pretty much can… Read more →