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Voxengo Marvel GEQ

Voxengo Marvel GEQ Voxengo has released another gem! Voxengo Marvel GEQ is a FREE linear phase, 16-band graphic equalizer VST plug-in with multichannel support! Available for both Windows & Mac! Marvel GEQ features: 16-band graphic equalizing. Freehand drawing mode. Linear-phase equalizing. +/- 12 dB gain range per band. Stereo and multi-channel processing. Internal channel routing. Channel grouping. Mid/side processing. 64-bit… Read more →

Phoenix In Flight New Plug-Ins!

We have two new plug-ins to their nice little roster of free plug-ins! Up first… Nice little Compressor… The first one, OPTRON 3A, is an opto-style compressor with a specific processing behavior ranging from soft leveling to rather hard, squashing compression. Its very useful for compressing solo tracks such as vocals, guitars, drums synths or other instruments. A nice SSL… Read more →

SonEQ 1.1.1

There is a new FREE plugin on the scene that you need to check out! Sonimus SonEQ is a new VST for both Mac and PC with High/Low pass filters, 3 band eq, preamp saturation with bass booster and Woow flutter! Features: 3 band Equalizer, Low, Mid, High. 2 Musical Filters, High-Pass Low-Pass. Preamp stage with bass booster. 64-bit floating… Read more →

IK Multimedia ARC Review

When I first heard of IK Multimedia’s ARC system I was really leery of it for the claims and what people like GIK AcousticsĀ have taught us about acoustics. Well after I tried it I can’t say it doesn’t work! IK Multimedia’s ARC system is based on Audyssey MultEQ technology. To make it simple it takes a complex EQ to flatten… Read more →

EQ Chart

This is from a thread on Future Producers. I copied and pasted the good stuff, enjoy: To understand EQ and its intricacies you need hands-on experience, but to help you get started, here’s a table of general uses and the different ranges that EQ can affect. As every sound is different, though, these are necessarily very general guidelines… Kick Drum… Read more →

IK Multimedia T-Racks 3 Deluxe Review

T-Racks has been around for about as long, if not longer, than a lot of DAW’s. It has been synonymous with quality, professionalism and the top choice of professionals. Now lets take a step back. IK Multimedia, creators of Amplitube, Ampeg SVX and the newest Amplitube Fender, have done it again and surprised me. T-Racks 3 will soon have its… Read more →