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Classical Guitar & iPhone Camera

You know how when you zoom in on some audio or a sample it looks like a wave? Or a bunch of crazy lines? Check out this video of an iPhone recording inside of a classical guitar. The strings vibrate just like the audio wav forms we see inside of our DAWs! Via: TechCrunch Read more →

Richard Gere Guitar Auction Just Short of 1 Million

Richard Gere has G.A.S. or had G.A.S. but decided to auction off his personal guitar and amp collection as I reported a few days ago. Well the numbers are in and his collection fetched $936, 438! Not to shabby! The most expensive guitar sold was a 1960 Gibson Les Paul which was bought by a private collector for $98,500! Martin Guitars even… Read more →

Richard Gear Acquisition Syndrome

Richard Gere is a gear head. I had no clue! Apparently he is auctioning off his collection og high end guitars and amps! One of the most impressive is the Gibson Flying V previously owned by Albert King that sold for $74,500!! Plus with how he describes his guitar collection you can tell he is an aficionado: “It’s like falling in love. You’ve got to… Read more →