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Classical Guitar & iPhone Camera

You know how when you zoom in on some audio or a sample it looks like a wave? Or a bunch of crazy lines? Check out this video of an iPhone recording inside of a classical guitar. The strings vibrate just like the audio wav forms we see inside of our DAWs! Via: TechCrunch Read more →

SampleTank iOS in Action

So IK Multimedia has released SampleTank iOS and I’m in love with it. People are loving it so far, especially considering that it has the EXACT SAME sounds that the full version of SampleTank, Miroslav Philharmonik, ¬†and SampleTron built in! Check it out:   Via: IK Multimedia Read more →

iRig Mic Shipping

Saw this on CrunchGear, Jay Donovan has been using the iRig Mic and his iPhone for all the South by South West interviews! Check it out while he interviews Richard Patrick from FILTER.   Via: CrunchGear.com Read more →