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SampleTank iOS in Action

So IK Multimedia has released SampleTank iOS and I’m in love with it. People are loving it so far, especially considering that it has the EXACT SAME sounds that the full version of SampleTank, Miroslav Philharmonik, ¬†and SampleTron built in! Check it out:   Via: IK Multimedia Read more →

Crash Pad

In an appempt to create a sleeker, faster and more harmonious drum app the folks at Xen Element created Crash Pad! Features: Metronome Time signature control Count in (The recorder waits a measure before starting) SmartTrim (Chops the end of a recording off allowing it to loop perfectly and seamlessly) A bank of previous recordings to save all of your… Read more →

IK Multimedia Groove Maker Review

So when I first heard IK Multimedia was going to release an App for the Apple App Store I was kind of curious but kind of dismissed it at the same time. I mean most people think, including myself, til I tried it, that iPhone or iPod apps are just for fun. So I really didn’t get to excited over… Read more →