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Recording Hacks Microphone Giveaway!

Microphone Giveaway! Recording hacks being the awesome microphone authority that it is, has begged and pleaded with a few of your favorite microphone companies to help them give away a microphone a month-ALL YEAR LONG! Be sure to check out the microphone contest page and sign up! The February prize is a Lewitt Audio LCT-640 multipattern FET condenser and check out the… Read more →

Heil Sound PR-40 Review

I bought the Heil Sound PR-40 over two years ago and there has yet to be a project I haven’t used it on either. It is one of the most well rounded dynamic mics I have ever owned without question. The build is solid and has a heavy quality feel to it. The Heil Sound PR-40 comes in a small metal… Read more →

Alternatives to USB Mics

Now I am just gonna say this once….I HATE USB MICS!!! I can understand why some people would buy them buy PLEASE do not buy them for studio work! Here is a simple Pros and Cons list… Pro – Easy to use Con – You can never use more mics at the same time. EVER. Pro – Pretty cheap usually.… Read more →

Black Lion Audio Auteur Review

    When I heard Black Lion Audio was going to release a preamp I knew it would be something special. These guys have been modding stock gear to sound glorious for a while now. On top of that they have made quite a reputation with their own line of converters and clocks. Well then I heard it would be… Read more →