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The Low End Theory

What is it? It is classic. It is grimy and to me it is hip hop. For those who sample records and have a loop playing and want to put a bass line in it but don’t know how this is something you should learn. The Low End Theory is basically the exact sample your currently using but it has a filter… Read more →

Sonic Reality Ocean Way Drums Review

If you haven’t heard of OceanWay Studios your really out of the loop. They are a world renown studio known for how well they record drums. Everybody from Eric Clapton to Kanye West have recorded there. Amazing studios. Their A and B rooms were designed by Bill Putnam himself! These are amazing sounding rooms with amazing sounding gear! Custom console, mics… Read more →

IK Multimedia ARC Review

When I first heard of IK Multimedia’s ARC system I was really leery of it for the claims and what people like GIK Acoustics have taught us about acoustics. Well after I tried it I can’t say it doesn’t work! IK Multimedia’s ARC system is based on Audyssey MultEQ technology. To make it simple it takes a complex EQ to flatten… Read more →

Hardware Vs. Software

I Just don’t get it. I understand some people love hardware. I understand some love software. Some even like both! Cool. Don’t bash one or the another! Oh, and for the people who think that you can’t make anything good with the other-you are a idiot. Just want to let you know. Really, shut up. No, even better, STFU. Now… Read more →

EQ Chart

This is from a thread on Future Producers. I copied and pasted the good stuff, enjoy: To understand EQ and its intricacies you need hands-on experience, but to help you get started, here’s a table of general uses and the different ranges that EQ can affect. As every sound is different, though, these are necessarily very general guidelines… Kick Drum… Read more →

IK Multimedia Stealth Pedal Review

  So I have done reviews on Amplitube 2, Amplitube Metal, Amplitube Fender and Ampeg SVX. Well these amazing tools all came with the Stealth Pedal I just got. That is a intro to how awesome of a studio tool the Stealth Pedal is! It is a USB pedal interface for guitar or bass. It has 2 separate 1/4″ inputs,… Read more →

IK Multimedia Amplitube Fender Review Pt II

So I have had Amplitube Fender for almost 3 months now. The excitement of having a new plug in has definitely worn off, BUT my excitement about how stellar this version of Amplitube sounds hasn’t! I kid you not when I say this is my FAVORITE guitar tone I have gotten in the studio! Recently they did a upgrade and… Read more →

IK Multimedia Amplitube Fender Review Pt I

Wow…. Seriously…just wow! I got this a few weeks ago and have not yet been able to stop jamming! I just keep playing guitar! This is getting in the way of my production! Anybody else try it? Wow. I am speechless. That describes IK Multimedia’s newest addition to the Amplitube series. I mean W-O-W. I have been playing guitar for… Read more →