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Home Recording Show Guest Spot

I was recently asked to be on the Home Recording Show Podcast to talk about mobile music on iOS! I was really excited and had a great time talking gear, production, recording and of course iOS! I was able to talk about the cool things we are doing at IK for the Mobile music revolution and why it is the… Read more →

IK Multimedia VocaLive out now!

Its out now! 😀 Introducing VocaLive, the first professional practicing, performing and recording vocal processor app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. With VocaLive, singers and songwriters will have a suite of 5 dedicated real-time vocal effects plus 7 effects tailored to vocal processing that can be combined on a 3-processor vocal rig chain. VocaLive also includes dozens of… Read more →

UFO Scientific VST Frequency Analyzer: MultiFreek

Bigg Rome from OnlineMusicProduction.com was on FP talking about a new VST to help you clean up your sound. MultiFreek is a MULTIPLE CHANNEL frequency analyzer. Basically every channel you load this plug-in on will appear in the rack style display. Now you can see & hear individual tracks without having to switch between plug-ins! Important note, this is not… Read more →

Balanced Vs. Unbalanced Cables (What’s the Difference?)

What is the difference? photo credit: M Skaffari An unbalanced audio path has two conductors. One carries the audio signal and the other is the shield/ground. There is nothing at all wrong with an unbalanced signal but at times can be susceptible to picking up interference from radio frequencies or electromagnetic fields that cause noise and buzz. A balanced signal has… Read more →

IK Multimedia ARC Review

When I first heard of IK Multimedia’s ARC system I was really leery of it for the claims and what people like GIK Acoustics have taught us about acoustics. Well after I tried it I can’t say it doesn’t work! IK Multimedia’s ARC system is based on Audyssey MultEQ technology. To make it simple it takes a complex EQ to flatten… Read more →