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Writing Music For Venues

I read this over at New Rockstar Philosophy and was blown away. Do you write music for a venue? Do you make music with a venue, a context in mind? Do you create music for dive bars? Riverboats? Stadiums? Raves? Cars? iPods? Where is your music meant to be heard? Read more →

Adrock on Sampling

Here is an awesome video I found on youtube from Propellerheads.se! Its Adrock from the beastie boys talking about how he got started in hip-hop, his first drum machineĀ and how they didn’t call sampling sampling! Read more →

How to…Program a Synth!

I know a lot of times people complain about their sounds, or that free plug-ins don’t sound good. Whenever I hear that I just think to myself, “It’s probably you…”. If you don’t know how to program a synth and your doing music or even just recording it is a good idea to familiarize yoruself with the basic functions of… Read more →