The Low End Theory

What is it? It is classic. It is grimy and to me it is hip hop. For those who sample records and have a loop playing and want to put a bass line in it but don’t know how this is something you should learn. The Low End Theory is basically the exact sample your currently using but it has a filter applied to only play the lower frequencies of the sample. Example:

You find a hot 4 bar loop. You loop it up and add some of your own kicks and snares. Cool. You even find a cool vocal stab to throw on top of it, Great. As your listening to it you realize it needs more lows. With the low end theory you would basically take the exact same 4 bar loop, filter it so only the bass plays and add that to your loop. So it is just the bass of the song doubled up and sounds a bit more full. You can hear this technique on countless records. Jay-Z’s Dead Presidents is a perfect example! Now get back to your set up and get to looping, chopping, filtering and practicing!

Leaders of the new, new school, get to it!

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