The Marriott Report On…Sample Snitching

Thanks to DJ Joey Joe I was alerted to this post by Kno of the legendary indie hip hop group  CunninLynguists. Basically kno is letting it be known that if anymore legal action is taken against him for the obscure samples he uses to create his music that he’s going to retire from hip hop music.

These problems are brought on by sample snitches, the lowest form of sample hunter. The reason I frown upon these so called crate diggers is because they do not follow or at least respect hip hop culture enough to not rat out producers when they post where the samples originate from.

Growing up in in New York City it was a commonly known rule amongst DJs and producers not to reveal each other samples. For some reason this appears to be lost upon the johnny come lately backpacking/hipster douche bags who don’t follow this code for the sake of what they think is a good look. Well guess what asshole, it’s not. In fact you’re fucking up big time by your constant betrayal of both hip hop and sample hunting culture when you reveal these samples on message boards, blogs and YouTube like gossiping little girls. It gets your favorite producers in trouble and you end up looking like the bitchmade punks you are.

Cut that shit yo!

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  1. 02 at Feb

    It sucks that their hobby actively fucks with Kno’s livelihood — or at least his back catalog — but how is the burden on them? This is the path Kno chose, this is the world we live in. Adapt to the environment and keep it moving. There’s a bitchmade punk born every second.

  2. cramzy
    13 at Feb

    the problem is, these dudes that post the original samples are pretty much doing it in fun and being hip hop nerds. Its not intentional to get niggas in trouble. Just last week, I was on site where dudes were posting all of Timbaland’s uncredited samples and the first thing I’m thinking is he’s gone catch a lawsuit real quick. So is it that people need to stop digging for the samples or producers need to start crediting the people they chopping up and looping?

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