The Marriott Report On…Why Odd Future is Smarter Than Your Bumfuck Ass Crew!

February maybe Dilla month, but I think it’s safe to say that 2011 is the year of the Odd Future and rightfully so because these brilliant assholes deserve all the success they have earned. If you haven’t watched Jimmy Fallon  last week then you missed this explosive performance that everyone in the music industry on the major label side and on the indie label side is raving about.

Now if you don’t know what the fuck happened and who are these hyperactive kids in need of Robotussin, Ritalin, Adderall cocktail chased by a ziplock bag of indica? Then you’re really out of touch with your hip hop because these nut fucks teaching you something your bumfuck  ass need to take notes and learn from.

I’m not talking about their music, but how they market themselves and their music on a shoestring budget that proves the internet is far more powerful than your favorite multi-billion dollar corporation that already fueling these kids with multi-million dollar offers according to my sources.

So what makes Odd Future so special, well let’s forget the fact that they are all teens, lets also forget the fact that unlike the Hipsters, jerkers and trap stars dominating the airwaves with their cotton candy baby powder soft lyrics that Tyler The Creator & Co came in the door harder than your most gangster of gangster rappers but without talking that typical wack shit.

These suburban kids talk about Columbine shooting sprees, gang rapes, cross dressing and kidnappings as apart of their lyrical metaphores to shit on wack MC’s while decapitating and defecating on the reputations of bitchmade pop singers dominating the billboard charts. These kids are scary but in a comical way that makes you laugh in each sentance but you’ll realize that they are not the joke when make you the listener the punchline.

Like I said before they are a crew of brilliant assholes and I’m definately a fan because they remind me of the time when Onyx and Wu-Tang came in the door on the heals of the Native Tongues but yet they are like a hybrid of both sub-genres of rap. Tyler The creator who is the ultra charismatic leader of this uber-talented crew is also a self marketing genius.

He not only assaults his fans on Twitter the machine he uses to fuel his fan base of angst teens looking for an outlet to voice their despair and anger about the fucked up world we live in but bloggers like 2DopeBoyz have been on the receiving end of his call outs as well. He says what a lot of artists want to say about the business without worry of recourse or self censorship and the kids love him for that. If it wasn’t for his physical features I’d probably wonder if he came from my very loins.

15 year old Earl Sweatshirt is another mega star in the group but he’s M.I.A. as it’s been reported that his Mother learned of his music and had him sent to military school in order to stay away from the evil likes of Hodgie, Tyler and the rest of the Wolf Gang who I suspect will release unreleased joints from Earl in the near future as apart of their marketing ploy.

These guys know how to build and audience that love to hate to love them and they tell a great fucking story. Questlove is gushing over them like a little school girl on his Twitter and fuck I’m spinning them on my radio mix show as well as co-signing them on Facebook. Odd Future is not only the future of hip hop but they are hip hop right fucking now!

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  1. 18 at Feb

    That performance on Fallon was soooo dope too! They man handled the crowd through the cameras!

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