The Marriott Report On…Why Steve Stoute is Full of Shit!

Yesterday this fucking asshole from Queens, NY took out a full page ad in the New York Times to spread his bullshit rhetorical cries of foul about this year’s Grammy wins in an effort to pressure the board at NARAS (National Accademy of Recording Arts & Sciences) to change their voting system.

If you don’t know who Steve Stoute is then please allow me to introduce this douche bag to you because Steve Stoute is actually the most influential asshole in the music industry. A pioneer in Lifestyle Marketing, Steve Stoute a former Vice President of A&R at Interscope Records and the often off and off again manager of Nas who Sean Diddy Combs once had to crack over the head with a bottle sparkling wine from the French region of Champaign. To me Steve will always be that punk dog road manager for Kid ‘N’ Play my homeboy would’ve punched in the face if I didn’t talk sense to him.

Anyhow Steve Stoute is the CEO of Translation a Lifestyle Marketing company that specializes in pairing high profile recording artists with power brands. Translation is co-owned by Jay-Z and a good number of their staff include the likes of Jameel Spencer former President of Diddy’s Blue Flame Marketing Group and Rhoda Clark formerly of Okayplayer the alternative hip hop marketing arm of Cornerstone, the company owned by advertising legend Rob Stone who created Lifestyle Marketing.

So why would Steve Stoute take out a full page ad and to top it off blog his open letter on AOL’s new acquirement The Huffington Post? Because he’s trying to pressure the Grammy Awards to bend to his niche industry’s will so his business as a Lifestyle Marketer will remain in control of what the general public hears on the airwaves on a daily basis.

As a radio mix show DJ, Lifestyle Marketing has become a huge issue for me because Steve Stoute and his competitors buy the majority of ads you hear on your local radio stations and see on your favorite music video channels. What makes things worse is Steve Stoute and his competitors also steer the lyrical and visual content of today’s biggest rap and pop stars. Ever wonder why when you’re listening to songs on radio they sound like commercials? Think about it, each one of these songs suggest a product to you be it a car, designer watches, footwear, accessories, water, beverages, electronics, smartphone apps, etc. Because of this hip hop music which features more lyrical depth and musical range has disappeared from the radio so instead of pop music progressing it has sadly regressed to unimaginable levels of mind numbing audio waste.

When Esperanza Spalding won “Best New Artist” it hurt Steve Stoute because Translation works closely with both the Drake and Justin Beiber camps so it wasn’t them who lost that award, it was him and his business which is basically to sell you shit you really don’t need, but want because your favorite pop star has one and your neighbor and friends will have one too. Arcade Fire beat another Steve Stoute client; Eminem who he not only signed to Interscope Records but has a long standing business relationship with. Did any pay attention to the fact the Lipton Ice Tea and Chrysler ads staring Slim Shady ran heavy on Grammy night?

The corporations who pay Steve Stoute millions of dollars a year enjoy it when the celebrity artists that Stoute brings to them win the most high profile awards such as “Best New Artist” and “Album of the Year” because their brands can be attached to that artist’s publicly perceived success. Steve Stoute and team does not know how to market Esperanza Spalding to silly teenage girls who are willing to attack her Wikipedia page. To him Ms. Spalding represents something that Lifestyle Marketers corporate clients all despise in their target audience and that’s the free willed intelligence of human beings. The same goes for Arcade Fire who writes and perform some of the most socially driven songs you’ll ever here.

Seriously talented music artists are jokingly considered the enemy to a few of my friends who work in Lifestyle Marketing. We discuss how this issue effects me as Radio mix show DJ and Record Producer all the time because it’s a tight rope I personally hate walking and although I attempt to be neutral when it comes to Lifestyle Marketing and it’s looming effects on modern day society, it’s becoming harder to ignore as I’m witnessing a lot of the bullshit taking place in the music industry because of it.

I make no bones about it, I strongly dislike Steve Stoute’s lack of integrity and I’m calling him out as a con man trying to pull the wool over the general consumer’s eyes with his open letter to the Grammy’s he’s not only a disgusting excuse for a human being but Steve Stoute is so full of shit that I want to send a case of Moet to his office with a pic of Diddy on each bottle.

  2 comments for “The Marriott Report On…Why Steve Stoute is Full of Shit!

  1. Tristan
    23 at Feb

    thank you for being right on point about this loser.

  2. nicole
    28 at Feb

    I agree. He should have taken out an ad when diddy bust him over the head with the bottle smh

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