The Marriott Report On…Tyler The Creator

Ayo Fam, what the fuck is wrong with this Kid? Better yet, what the fuck is wrong with me and why I do love his music so much even though it’s evident that he’s batshit insane? Have you motherfuckers seen this video?

Did this fuck nut really eat a roach, threw up and hung himself from a noose? Yo that shit makes me want to smack fire out his neck and give him dap at the same time. I love the fact he’s bold enough to do that shit, but the other side of me is concerned for his teenage fans, yet I think he’s a brilliant asshole for doing it like this.

It’s probably the ever going  conflict of the general public’s growing lack of common sense, musical edginess, social commentary on today’s pop culture and the sheer insanity that pulls me into this kid’s music, because his flow is fucking sick and his lyricism is however otherworldly is fucking amazing, but his visuals be it lyrical or video is less than desired as it is admired. I hate the fact that I love this little douche bag’s music. I’m quite sure he’s a really cool dude, but his videos and songs make me want to punch him into reality but no… leave him be and if any of you try to harm him, I will personally grab a crowbar and fuck you up royally, but seriously dude is way too nice lyrically to be touched.

I can’t condone this weird kid and his crew of fucking oddballs, but I can turn it up when I listen closely to their shit.  I can’t believe I’m endorsing this fucking shit, where’s my flame thrower?

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