UFO Scientific VST Frequency Analyzer: MultiFreek

Bigg Rome from OnlineMusicProduction.com was on FP talking about a new VST to help you clean up your sound. MultiFreek is a MULTIPLE CHANNEL frequency analyzer. Basically every channel you load this plug-in on will appear in the rack style display. Now you can see & hear individual tracks without having to switch between plug-ins! Important note, this is not free but is priced incredibly low at $9. There is a Reaper JS & a free junior version also.

Simultaneous frequency monitoring of up to 7 different tracks (bass, drums, keys, vocal etc.)
Each frequency analyzer graph has a name and a color – to be easily distinguished from other graphs
Two processing modes – fast and precise
Optimized code to save your CPU
Implemented as a VST: easy to plug into your project – just put this analyzer as a normal VST effect into each track you want to monitor frequency picture of.

Via: UFO-Scientific.com

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