Variety of Sound’s NastyDLA

We like to keep an eye on up and coming web sites, artists, producers and in this case VST developers! I have been following Variety of sound for quite a while now, I had Boot EQ Before the MK II and before it was available for 96 K processing! If you haven’t checked out their stuff you need to! Most lean towards the color/tube or mojo style of processing but all of them rock! High quality effects for free!? You can’t go wrong!

Anyways I was pleasantly surprised and very excited when I saw that they have released a new plug in! This one is going to be a bit different than their usual color EQ/Compression/Saturation stuff they have been known to do though. This time around they have a modulation/echo/delay type of plug! Check NastyDLA out! They have some audio samples posted here and they have just put up a support & contact page too!


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