What Is My Next Step Up In Quality From Here?

Ever feel like your almost there in your recordings or production? Ever feel like if only you had one more thing you’d be capable of making the best song ever? We all feel it at times and its usually while looking at some piece of new ass, errr, I mean gear. When it comes down to it the biggest difference is talent. Raw talent. Period. No question about it. You can take a Shure SM57 or a Audio Technica AT2020 run it through a M-Box and as long as you have talent on both sides (the person recording and the person performing) then it will be fine. No need for a Great River, Avalon, Neumann or anything else. Okay now lets say you have talent, here is a short list of how to move “on up”…

1 – Talent (Again you can never have too much of this)
2 – Basic Gear (Interface, Mic, cables, without these you really can’t do much at all…)
3 – Acoustics (NOT soundproofing but a acoustically treated room. There are great kits at GIKAcoustics.com)
4 – Preamps (Second biggest difference you will hear besides good acoustics!)
5 – Mics (Having the right mic for the source is pretty important!)
6 – Conversion (Once you can hear the difference between converters you really have a ear for this music thing!)

That’s it! Not a new DAW, plug in or any sounds. Don’t go buy a new synth or keyboard. Learn how to use what you have first and go through the list!

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